September 11th, 2009

jack read

Hot Rod Magazine interview (2003)

On Twitter I occasionally post links to older articles and interviews that people may not have seen or that could be interesting to revisit in light of the many twists and turns of Magne's career. There is a lot of great content on the web about every topic under the sun that people would never find without a nudge, so this is just a small attempt to make sure some of that material continues to have some value and impact.

I've been trying to post one 'archive' link per week, and of course to pass along anything current that I stumble across. This week's archive link is to the interview Magne did with the Norwegian magazine Hot Rod back in 2003. You can find the full interview in .pdf format on

When this interview was first published, it was only available in the physical magazine itself, and as far as I know the magazine is only sold in Norway. There was a short summary of the interview on at the time, including three pictures of Magne from the article. The summary was all that I and many fans had access to, so in fact today was the first time I read the original interview - I was just browsing around his site looking for something to tweet and I found it on his bibliography page.

It's interesting to read new old stuff. Here are some quotes I liked from this interview:

"Touring is travelling without seeing the places you go, and meeting people without engaging in their lives." How depressing! Although for someone who describes himself as 'restless' and 'nomadic' I guess all the traveling in itself must be satisfying on some level.

"I’ve always loved actually MAKING stuff. The handicraft aspect of it, you know… Lately though, I seem to get a bigger kick out of just starting something and observing the reaction." Apparatjik seems to be a prime example of what he meant there. The guys spent loads of time creating something with the express purpose of not only to cause a reaction but to observe it and continue the process, making it something of a collaboration. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the new Apparatjik site, not only what it 'means' but what it took to create it all.

"A lot of people have success, there are just few that are any good." So true!

"I really feel like I have achieved little of what I want to do in my life. I have come to terms with the fact that you must live with everything you’ve done, but I still cling to the thought that you can change it all at any given point; that you can revise your own history by taking new actions – life as a restoration-project."

"I look at art as way to be transported. The word ”Transport” pretty well describes what I am after; a way for myself and others to be taken from one place to another."