March 27th, 2009


'What there is'

This LJ community opened in January 2005 (four years, really?!), and from the beginning I've posted only about Magne's solo projects here. It never occurred to me to post here about a-ha related stuff, there's an LJ group for that after all.

So this week I didn't expect to blog, even though a-ha is playing some gigs in South America. Imagine my surprise when I got online this morning to find out that the one new(er) a-ha song is based on a theme from "Ti Kniver I Hjertet," a soundtrack composed, arranged and produced by Magne back in 1994.

I don't have this soundtrack, but the lovely Sue created some song samples for me to use on Take a listen to the first sample from the album, Ti Kniver I Hjertet (Ottos Tema), and then watch this:

For those of you following along, I apologize for the shock - yes, it took this song by Magne to get me to finally actually embed a Youtube link in one of my blogs. Gawd I hate Youtube and all it stands for (::shaking fist at the sky::), but at times like this I cannot resist it's lure.

Must. Withstand. Timesucking. Vacuum.

Anyway, good song, and I'm looking forward to hearing the album version. I guess it's possible I'll post more about Magne's a-ha contributions when I get the album in my hands, I'm surprised it didn't occur to me to do that with 'Analogue' but I guess I was pretty busy almost constantly from August 2005-May 2007...I don't expect to be that busy this fall when the album comes out, at any rate ;-)