February 3rd, 2009


happy 'birth' day

If you've been following along closely, you will have seen that Apparatjik has been quietly doing...eh...something. We know very little, and what we do know is just enough to raise interest to a consistent murmuring hum in the sub-communities of a-ha, Mew and Coldplay.

Here's a recap of what we know (it isn't much):

~ two music blogs last fall and a post on Martin Terefe's website indicated that Apparatjik would release an album in 2009
~ two official looking websites were quietly launched in November: apparatjik.com (no content) and facebook

After almost three months with no changes on either of those sites, people were feeling more bewildered and confused than excited and eager. Why put a domain online with no content? Why create a Facebook page if there was nothing to promote in the near future? Even more strange is that whoever set up the website had added Google Analytics to it, so someone was interested to see how many people visited an empty site. What's the point of that? You can't measure interest in something by seeing how many curious souls return hopefully to see if a site comes to life ;-)

Gotta love a mystery! So the purpose of the post today? A few new - small - developments:

~ over the past weekend, people noticed a new Apparatjik Twitter page (no content)
~ today the facebook page was updated
~ today apparatjik.com has burst forth into life, from nothing to...eh...something!

And speaking of bursting forth into life, a close inspection of the site (ok, so I viewed the source code, it wasn't brain surgery LOL) shows that the sound clip you get when you click 'enjoy!' is called thebirthofapparatjik.mp3. And to reveal the full extent of my geekdom, the numbers mentioned in the sound clip are each of the band members' birthdays. 'Birth' indeed!

So the mystery is still a mystery, but at least we can mark a beginning of sorts and wait for this project to get its legs under it. I am very curious how the songs will sound, and wondering if there is any possibility of a live performance. Time will tell!