January 6th, 2009



Santa was good to me this year and gave me an iPhone for Christmas. I am still learning all the cool things it does, and today I stumbled on the instructions for how to create your own ringtone from songs you buy in iTunes. Many Magne F and a-ha songs would make great ringtones, so naturally I searched in the iTunes store to see which songs they offer with the ringtone option.

Unfortunately, you have to first buy the track from iTunes before then creating (and buying) the ringtone. So even though I own everything a-ha ever released commercially, I had to buy the songs again (unless I am a moron and read the instructions wrong - if so please message me so I don't go broke on music I already own in multiple formats!). The most fun to play ringtone with? Why, 'Cold as Stone,' of course! I also couldn't resist 'Manhattan Skyline.'

As for Magne F tracks that are ringtone-able, iTunes US offers the entire 'Hermetic' album, as well as 'Ferreting' and 'Dragonfly' (the Magne solo version from the deluxe 'Lifelines' album). Rock on.

I bypassed the 'Hermetic' tracks for now and made a ringtone out of 'Ferreting' starting around 2:90. Can't remember where exactly the 'Dragonfly' ringtone starts, but it is also towards the end of the track, no vocals just that fabulous guitar. Sweet!