August 16th, 2008

jack think

curious minds want to know

Or maybe just me.

So in the process of populating my nifty media database and links page, I recently dug through looking for interesting facts and dates, and stumbled on Magne's CV. A lot of the exhibition and bibliography information was familiar, but the collections information was totally new to me.

I presume the collections part means that Magne's work is either on display or simply owned by the institutions listed. If I am reading this right, a work of Magne's is at the Johan Jorgen Holst Memorial Park in Palestine. I spent my senior year in college writing a thesis for Anthropology on the cultural significance of the Oslo Accord signing ceremony in September 1993, and read everything I could get my hands on about the Accords. Naturally I learned a lot about Johan Jorgen Holst, and was very shocked and saddened when I heard about his death. I am now very curious to know which of Magne's works is at the Memorial Park in Palestine, how it was chosen and what other artists have works there.

Naturally I stumped Google trying to find anything about the Memorial Park, maybe I am crap at research or maybe there isn't much about the park online (or just not in English). In this age of instant information, I am so frustrated not being able to find out anything! Doh.

Also on the CV is a section 'Collections (Artist-Book)' which I imagine means that one or more of the books in the bibliography are within the institution collections listed. Two of the institutions listed are an easy commute for me: the Hirschorn Museum Research Library and the Smithsonian. It is even more difficult to find out what they have of Magne's, since the book collections at these institutions must be quite extensive and not available for public view. While sight-seeing with some friends earlier this week, I stopped by the Hirschorn but came up short because the Research Library is indeed private.

Oy, I hate it when I can't find the information I want! Anyone have any research tips for me in regard to either of these?