April 25th, 2008


watch this space

I've finally heard 'Watch this space' and I think it's a great song! I love the simplicity of it, the warmth and depth of expression. Usually I am a sucker for the 'play it loud while driving fast with the sunroof open' kind of songs, but this one is a 'play it while sipping wine with your feet up at the end of the day' kind of song (which never happens for me but I can dream LOL), and it's lovely.

Apparently this is the song that Magne had on his site very briefly at the end of the painting performance video broadcast, and if his post on myspace is to be believed, he had only just finished mixing it that day/night - after all that painting.

Only two songs left to discover, it's been such a delicious tease hearing them in measured doses. Very soon we'll have all we're going to get and that's depressing! Those last two songs better be 'endless repeat on the iPod' worthy ;-)
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