April 18th, 2008


hear a sample of 'watch this space'

Thanks to Locust at ahafancafe, you can hear a short sample of 'Watch this space'. The song is included with five others on a CD which is free with purchase of Elle magazine.

Hear the song sample here. The songs included on the CD are:

1. the longest night
2. running out of reasons
3. time & place
4. a dot of black in the blue of your bliss
5. more than good enough
6. watch this space

According to Magne's website, the lyrics are:

Watch This Space

what’s your game?
what do you say?
here tomorrow, gone today?
who to blame?
it’s all the same:
so much effort and all in vain.
but watch this space!
one of these days I will make sense of it,
and put things in their right place.
if you hesitate it may be too late.
the same mistake,
again and again.
force of habit pulls the weight.
such a shame when things go to waste.
but watch this space!
cuz one of these days I’ll make it up to you and put everything back into place.
so watch this space.
yeah one of these days I’ll come down from off your wall...
and get right into your face.

I think the sample is a great tease, I love Magne's voice on this track and think this one might become a new favorite when I hear the whole thing. A lovely person in Norway sent me both Elle magazines today so I should have them in 8-10 days.