November 9th, 2005


a year ago...

Yes, I have a freakish memory for dates - or so I have been told - however this time I had a little help. I happened to switch purses yesterday and when I emptied the pockets, the ticket stub from The Venue was still inside.

The Edinburgh weekend was just an all around fabulous trip - getting to know some very cool people, seeing one of Magne's exhibits for the first time, enjoying an amazing concert, exploring a new and fascinating city, the ghost tour, reading ghost stories on the plane ride I still feel very lucky to have been there, it was a total fluke, and loads of fun. It's a shame the Fabric concert didn't live up to our hopes, I had a good time in London but (sorry) the show was not worth traveling so far for. All the more reason I'm glad I have Edinburgh to look back on, at the other end of the spectrum.

(the icon is a church window from Edinburgh)