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I recently downloaded 'Ferreting' by Apparatjik, a one-project band whose members are Magne F, Martin Terefe, Jonas Bjerre from Mew and Guy Berryman from Coldplay. The project is a soundtrack for the Bruce Perry 'Amazon' television series which is airing in the UK on Monday nights at 9pm on BBC. There are a lot of other great songs on the album, the sale of which will benefit Survival International.

'Ferreting' is featured during the closing credits of the show every week - or so I understand, I haven't seen the show myself - and it is quite addictive.

The album is called 'Songs for Survival' and it has been digitally released on iTunes and; on Monday October 13 the CD will be released to stores in the UK, including HMV, Zawi and Fopp. You can also order it from Amazon.

There are only two more episodes of 'Amazon' so be sure to check it out if you live in the UK. And download 'Ferreting,' you won't regret it!
Tags: apparatjik, ferreting, songs
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