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new art at Elverum

These days Magne's art is on exhibit at the Norwegian Forest Museum in Elverum, Norway. Some kind soul took pictures at the opening and posted them on a forum, and I have to say there isn't one I don't like. In my ignorance about art I can't even describe what I like about this new work, is it stupid sounding to say only that the colors are stunning?

I unfortunately don't have permssion to share the pictures here but I sure hope some public pictures are available soon. There are a few prints with an amazing shade of orange, they lend the work a new dimension than we've been used to. There is also a blue and gray one that I could look at forever. It's probably a good thing I am several thousand miles away because I doubt I could go to this exhibit without buying something - and my budget is already groaning from my travels in May ;-)
Tags: art, norway
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