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Magne's art in the 90s

Thanks to ninerzgal for posting a scan of the old 'a-happenings' news letter (Issue #2, Fall 1994) on the WOTM forum, here is a short blurb about Magne's art projects at that time:

In the last issue of a-happenings, we showed you one of Mag's paintings. He has continued his involvement in the art world on several different levels.

His work has taken a political turn with his involvement in "Art For Freedom," part of the World View organization. World View, who a-ha has helped raise money for solar projects in the past, is seeking to raise two million dollars for the resistance movement in Burma. The money would go toward communication equipment to help fight the oppressive military regime. Seventeen of Norway's top artists are selling prints at a group exhibit. Mags' work is an ink block print called "The Burma Jungle." The wood block was actually made from 50 shotgun blasts through a wood plate.

Mags will also be exhibiting his work "Traveler" at one of Norway's most pretigious museums. The work consists of 55 "boxes" made from 2 1/2 tons of lead (delivered to his front lawn). Each sculpted box will include 15 pieces of art inside. Not exactly the type of thing you put under your arm and carry out the door, it's truly a substantial undertaking by one of Norway's fastest rising artists.

I don't think I've ever heard about these lead boxes before, it would be interesting to see a picture of the finished product (and the art inside). Sounds very similar to the Climax project in a way. There used to be a World View site that had a picture of Magne's art, but the link I had is dead now.

Elsewhere in that newsletter, there is mention of the next a-ha album (which as we all know, didn't get released) and a quote that the new music will be more 'in your face' than before. Hmm, where have we heard that phrase before/again? ;-)
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