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Earlier today someone posted a photo and article translation on WOTM that was really interesting. I was going to post the photo here but I got too busy at the office. So tonight I logged back in to grab that picture and did a quick new media search online, and found another picture that I simply had to share here too but for very different reasons.

First up, from, this wonderful picture of Magne at work. I really like this picture, there's so much going on there, it's organized chaos:

Magne seems to always be moving in pictures of him around his art. It's kind of funny how that one red painting is shoved off to the side, it doesn't fit in with any of the other stuff ;-) I am getting so used to all the blues and grays that it is always a surprise to see other art of his with more vibrant reds and yellows.

The second picture was taken at the Hove festival earlier tonight (from Dagsavisen):

I guess the Hove festival attracts a pretty young crowd, and that there were multiple artists playing at any one time, but man is that disappointing to see. The title of the article has 'flopp' in it, but I don't think you can call it a flop in a festival setting. Anyway, I think Magne deserved a much bigger audience and I do hope he was not disappointed with the small crowd. I know at least two people who were quite glad to be there! :-)
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