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Palace Grill live ;-)

A friend of mine is at the Palace Grill concert right now and she texted me to say that Magne shook people's hands as they entered the garden and he said a few words to her. She is over the moon :-) I can't wait for her to text me the setlist when the gig is over, this is almost as fun as being there! (And cheaper too LOL.)

Edited to add setlist:

A dot of black
The longest night
Running out of reasons
All the time
Don't do me any favours
More than good enough
Come back
The summers of our youth

So glad my friend got to hear 'More than good enough,' we were both very disappointed he didn't play it at NHAC. She and some other friends also had the chance to speak with Magne after the gig, it sounds like they had a really great evening :-) I hope the concert tomorrow goes well, it should be great promotion for Magne.
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