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Last weekend there was an interesting feature in my local newspaper about how to begin collecting art. The author mentioned what a reasonable starting budget might be for people who might not have a lot to spend on art initially, and advised interested new collectors to get to know the galleries and local artists. Get on the mailing lists, attend openings and receptions, and 'establish your taste.' Find out what you like and what is available.

Here is an excerpt of the article that caught my attention:

"First, let's remember why we're buying art. The queen bee of the D.C. art world, Margery Goldberg, is here to remind us: Buy art because you love it and want to live with it forever. If you do, it's hard to have regrets about parting with the money.

'Buying a piece of art is like a good relationship,' says Goldberg, owner and director of Zenith Gallery in Penn Quarter. 'You shouldn't buy it if the most you like it is the first time you see it. It should grow over time. Every day you should like it a bit more.' "

My husband and I now have two pieces of original art: one by Paul Stanley (which is technically my husband's) and one by Magne F (my album cover). The Paul Stanley is on display on our dining room wall, and I often find myself looking at it and exploring the colors with more and more familiarity. Even though I didn't choose it, I have grown attached to it and am glad we bought it.

The Magne F cover is also 'on display' in my dining room, still in the plastic album sleeve, and standing up on the china cabinet (leaning against the wall so you can see it). I am loathe to put it away carefully with my music collection, yet there is no real good way to display it just now.

One of the things that makes this cover art project so interesting is the random nature of the distribution. Whatever landed in people's mailbox is what they got, they didn't get to choose and so the 'relationship' with the art started halfway in. I'm actually astonished by how many people are delighted with their cover, simply because the process was not personal. In fact it was downright creepy how some covers seemed to actually be designed for their recipient (thinking of 'your well' for Mer, among others). The fact that I got a cover with the word 'enough' on it seems a bit uncanny too, since 'More than good enough' is my favorite new song. What were the chances? The randomness was part of the point, and part of what we bought into.

I've always imagined going to an exhibit or art fair and finding something that I simply couldn't walk away from. Something that whispered to me, "I was meant to be yours." Silly and romantic notion of what art is about, but there it is. I would love to own a piece of art that I feel somehow reflects one of my values, dreams, hopes or past lessons learned. So far I've been to maybe a dozen galleries (alas, hardly an exhaustive search), and I have yet to see anything that made me want to get out my wallet/beg my husband to let me buy it. Maybe I'll never find something that speaks to me that way, it's probably too much to expect and therefore I'll always be yearning for the impossible.

As a music project, I am thoroughly satisfied with the whole thing :-) However as an 'art buying experience', at first I didn't feel that it was very personal. But then I had to remind myself that for the most part art is completely out of my reach, so I am grateful to have had the excitement and anticipation, and to own something I am proud to show and explain to family and friends - something truly unique. In that way it does reflect something of value to me, and my cover will always have a bigger significance to me than to anyone else. And is personal. Kinda neat how that happened LOL.
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