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pre-show gig at Notting Hill Arts Club

Date: May 23
Doors open: 7:00pm
Notting Hill Arts Club

The venue is tiny so I think there will be quite a lot of competition for the tickets. All I can say is it's pretty likely the people there will all know one another from the internet, which is too funny! We're going to have a blast. I want to be there as much for the company as for the music and the coolness of such a small venue.

I sound like such a fangeek. Next thing you know we'll have our own trekkie-style MF handshake.

Been thinking setlist and not daring to hope for a blow-out play 'em all set - including 'Dragonfly' and 'Summers of our Youth'. Open with a rousing 'Come Back' to get everyone energized, follow up with something like 'A friend like me' then switch to 'Past Perfect Future Tense' and on from there. Not sure what should be the finale, 'Kryptonite' still kicks ass after all this time but it is kind of an obvious choice. Magne's not an obvious kinda maybe 'The Longest Night' to end with? (listening now and that wouldn't be so bad I guess)

Anyway, the venue doesn't do presale tickets but apparently they are doing some sort of 'paying guestlist' of names in advance. If you want more information, e-mail Good luck!
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