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today's gibberish

Some disconnected stuff to say today.

New song play stats from my iPod, after six days:

A dot of black - 16
The longest night - 17
Come back - 17
More than good enough - 19
Running out of reasons - 8
Time and Place - 9

Clear favorite is 'More than good enough' but I really like 'Come back' also. Can't wait to see them performed live! I vastly prefer the instrumental demo of 'Running out of reasons' so that must be why I don't listen to the album version as much.

Gig coming up?

According to a small teaser on Magne's myspace page, there will be a solo gig at...RAH?! Pick yourself up off the floor, locate your passport and notify your friends and family that you are now on Gig Watch! Say what you like about Magne, he does like to leave teasers here and there but he never keeps us waiting for long ;-) I just hope there's enough notice before the gig(s?) so I can sort out a holiday and get well and truly pumped.

My new fan site

I suck. After all the times I posted here about the development process, I forgot to post here to let you all know my new Magne F fan site is online :facepalm: Sorry about that! Go check it out at Please tell me what you think!

The limited release

After spending some time with the new songs, I am really glad this album has a limited release. 'Strange ears' don't deserve the album, they won't get it the way we do. This way we get to enjoy it without wrestling with the commercial aspect - I bet it is a relief and novel experience for Magne too. I don't know how we got so lucky, the whole thing feels like such a gift. It would be great to have something commercial from Magne soon, but this one's ours!
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