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painting performance recap

I can't believe I am about to revisit something that took up pretty much three days of my life - in a roundabout way anyway. But here goes, might as well jot down some thoughts to clear room in my mind for other things.

It's been kind of a crap month for me so far. Between the funeral on the 5th, family and estate issues, child being sick twice, a surprise deluge of work on one of my websites (taking up more than 35 hours over the last seven days, outside of the office mind you), not enough sleep and the stress I put on myself getting my fan site up and running by Tuesday - well I'm physically and mentally wrecked. So when I heard about the painting webcast, I decided to take the day off, watch what I thought would be a quick recap or time-lapse video taking no longer than an hour, and get some much needed housework done and possibly even start my next cross stitch project.

Got up at 5:45, showered and grabbed some toast and orange juice, and hunkered down in front of the PC. Soon I had IMs from a few fellow fans, we chatted to pass the time and before long it was 8:30. My husband left for a doctor's appointment and I cleaned house - all the bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, floors. I checked back with my computer every so often, went out to lunch with some friends from the office, and checked back for the video with increasing impatience.

Fast forward 10 hours or so and we'd had some funny blogs from Magne on MySpace and Frode posted a couple of humorous 'updates' on the site about the delay, when finally the video of still images started. By this time I had put my son to bed and had a very clean house, no distractions, and some die-hard fans from the UK still online to talk with - it was so fun! None of us had known what to expect, it turns out I was right about the process taking forever :facepalm: Frode must have spent 14 hours or more doing the technical stuff to get the video online, the video itself lasted 22 hours or so, and there's no telling the actual amount of time Magne and co. spent setting up and painting.

It was great seeing the screen shots people took and posted on the forums, because I couldn't get the quicktime player to work. It got down to the wire, I wasn't even sure there was anything left to see on Thursday afternoon when I opened the URL in Quicktime - and I could actually see something! Managed to get three quick screen shots:

(Edited to add: Look, you can even tell by the time on the screen shots that I had only been watching for less than two minutes LOL.)

These are nowhere near as cool as some of the ones other people came up with (including the one I am using for my new avatar). This event obviously captivated a lot of people and by the sound of Magne's blogs he must have known there was an avid audience not willing to log off until they saw *something* hehe. Best laid plans, eh?

Now the next thing to look forward to (I presume) is the actual album. I find myself thinking about stupid things like: how long will it take to get here? how will I avoid 'spoilers' on the forums until I get mine? And more logical things like: will I like my cover? will I be tired of the songs by the time the enhanced CD gets here? will it show up on a workday and be left on my porch all day or will it come registered and require me to go to the post office?

Erm yeah. Just shows how exhausted I am. Need. Sleep. Anyway, it was a fun Magne-rific week, but I am glad there is a lull just now ;-)
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