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painting performance tomorrow

I am really interested to see how tomorrow's album cover painting will go down. Here's what we know:

"each album cover is a hand-painted original - all of them parts of a larger work;
the 300 covers are mounted together and painted as a single work during a painting performance to take place in the beautific bell tower at oslo city hall, commencing the 23 of jan 2008.
watch me progress/digress on

note that this is a closed event and can only be viewed online, so no need to badger the nice people at the city hall.

afterwards the painting will be carefully dismantled into its 300 parts,
and each cover numbered and signed by...wait for it; meg, me, moi, mich.
oh, and; with this purchase you also get an enhanced cd with the songs (so you can play the damn thing)
a documentary of the painting performance and a poster of the painting (so you can find your place
in the larger whole, as it were.)"

We also know that the web cast thingy will start around 'midday' Norwegian time. For me here in EST, that means prying myself out of the arms of sleep before 6:00am. I don't do this for just anyone LOL.

I am fascinated by process and ever since I heard about this I knew Magne's goal can't possibly be money - at least not primarily. There are those who are complaining about the price of the limited edition album, but I keep coming back to what it must be costing Magne to pull this off. Between the painting materials and record sleeves, filming and video post production, producing the picture discs, getting the posters made, not to mention the time and effort involved in coordinating many details and moving parts, advance planning and concept development, completing the actual work and preparing it for distribution - I do begin to wonder if he'll make more than 20 euros per sale, which doesn't seem nearly enough to 'compensate' for all he's putting into this. Finanacially anyway.

So I kinda cringe when I see complaints about the cost of the limited album, I think it is more than a bargain and definitely designed with the fans' interests pretty high up in the priority list. Of course it is a shame if the price is out of reach for some (I am fortunate that I am about to get a bonus next month that will pay for my copy (woo!)), but that is not something to blame the artist for :shrug: He's done everything he can to make the music accessible, and the rest is cake.
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