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I'm In — Part 2

So I've had one main impression of this song from the beginning, and I have a long blog coming about it focused on that interpretation. However just yesterday I had a very belated epiphany and realized it more than likely was written with another more universal meaning than I had thought. As always a disclaimer, I may be wrong here, but I think we can best understand the song in terms of mental health and depression. You all probably picked up on it right away, so perhaps it doesn't need saying, but here goes. 

Magne covers all the main bases when it comes to depression: the deep pain someone may be in, how they may struggle with their sense of worth, their need to have agency when it comes to deciding how to move forward, and their desire to be heard and supported, not judged or told how to feel or grieve or heal. 

It's interesting that he reminds you that you should 'believe whatever they say', which I think combats a depressed person's tendency to disregard people's well meaning words of support, as well as their good opinions. When you're depressed, and people tell you they love you, you may not believe it, you may feel unworthy of love or believe they don't really mean it when they say you are worthy. But you should believe it and draw strength from the view others have of you when you are not seeing yourself objectively because of the lies depression may tell you. 

He expresses a very simple but powerful encouragement here: You decide what you need to believe, you determine your own worth, you define what freedom means for you, and I will support you. No undermining, no second-guessing, no unsolicited advice, no pressure to get better in a timeframe that doesn't work for you, just listening and following your lead. Beautiful. 

I think with this being on 'True North', the band can make a powerful statement here. We've been through some dark times globally, depression is on the rise, and resources aren't always there. I love the simplicity of the lyrics, the clarity and purity of intention behind them. The lyrics go straight to the heart of what each of us needs, whether we battle with depression or not: someone who lets you determine your own needs and is there for you without doubt or question. 

Would that every friend and family member said this to one another, "I'm in." How wonderful that world would be. 


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