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True North track list

The guys recorded the new album last week, and the track list is sort of visible here.  If I am reading it right, we can now identify at least six of the twelve tracks:

According to an interview with Paul published the other day, half of the album tracks were written by him and the other half by Magne. Since we know four of Magne's tracks, we just have two more of his to discover; it doesn't look like any of the other tracks on the album are from Magne's IGTV, but I could be wrong. And then there is 'Make me understand' from Paul. I am willing to bet that 'True north' is one of his, too, and if I am right, that means four more tracks from Paul to discover. 

(Is it interesting that 'True north' is the last track on the album, as the title track? I mean *I* find it interesting, but maybe it's not that remarkable? Seems like a choice, though, but I guess we'll find out.)

Personally I couldn't be more delighted that 'I'm In' made the album, and I can't wait to see how the world reacts to it. I'm nearly ready to post about that song, have already drafted something in fact, but it's too long and I need to do some serious editing down first ;-) I hope that an eventual deluxe edition of the album includes Magne's demos as well so the wider public can experience those beautiful versions.

More soon ~   


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