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Head over to Instagram for some promising music related news:

Filip Clements is now just Clement, and he's edited his past Instagram posts a bit. In his pinned story he mentions an EP coming soon, which is great news. Follow him to stay up to date.

Jonas Bjerre (Mew, Apparatjik) is working with Tobias Wilner (Blue Foundation) on a project called Tachys, and they have a release called “When The World Wakes Up” coming out on June 18. Follow them on Instagram. 

The a-ha movie will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 12, and is apparently going to be streamed on June 13 (USA only). I bought a ticket and am looking forward to seeing the movie with my family. 

I am as interested in the story he will tell about the guys as I am in seeing parts of my story. There were a few occasions when the director was filming at events I attended, and he even filmed for a while at one of the official fan parties in Oslo.  The movie will no doubt include things I experienced in person and from afar, since by then I will have been involved for 20 years, and I was a fan for 15 years before that. For many of us the band's story runs in parallel with many years of our own, and I am sure the movie will be special for all those who get to see it.

Sadly I won't be able to watch it in Oslo with friends in connection with the 'Hunting High and Low' concerts as was originally planned, since my son graduates from college the same weekend next May. It doesn't sound like the movie will be released in the US, so this one streaming of the movie may be my only chance to watch it. I'm grateful for this unexpected opportunity.

Another nice thing to share today. My former boss — the man I worked for at the time I went to Norway for the MTV Unplugged concerts — is not and has never been a fan of a-ha. However, out of curiosity about something I had experienced and was excited about, he and his then fiancée listened to the Unplugged album when it came out as they were planning their wedding. They quickly fell in love with 'This is our Home' and decided to make it their first dance song at their wedding reception. It made me so happy that someone I admire and who has become a good friend of mine had developed an appreciation for a song I love so much. Other than my husband and I, no one else at the reception had any idea what the song was — and I was so pleased to hear people asking the DJ about it later ;-) 

Anyway, my former boss and his wife had their second anniversary about a month ago, and a few days later he sent me this photo:

His wife had the lyrics of 'This is our Home' made into wall art for their one year old home, the first they bought together and moved into during COVID. Isn't it wonderful? Makes me want to make art from my favorite lyrics one of these days :-) 


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