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22 July 2018 @ 02:16 pm
Thanks to an unexpected break in a project at work, and a bonus that came in at the right time, I am going to the show in Copenhagen this Friday :-) My boss practically insisted that I go, and who am I to argue? We are going to be very busy over the coming months at work, and I probably won't have any time off between September and the end of the year. I texted my bestie in England and she and I booked the trip within 30 minutes - we'll be in Copenhagen from Thursday to Sunday. So excited!

This is from last month, be sure to watch this awesome clip from Israel - Morten went into the audience to shake hands and sign autographs and take photos, and Magne worked the crowd during the Living Daylights singalong. All the clips from that show make it look like a truly special night, but this one is the best for sure:

And now this from the show in Fulda:

Also a great picture taken last night - I can't embed it because it's in a slideshow, but you can find it here (hello, beard!).
02 July 2018 @ 12:39 pm
Check out this wonderful new single from Buika, 'Deadbeat'. It will surely sound both familiar and radically different to you :-)

I am convinced that while Magne somehow writes what my heart needs to hear, Buika could sing what my heart needs to say. I feel like I could whisper to her my hopes and dreams, my struggles and sorrows, my faith and my joys, and her voice could express it all seemingly without effort. And that is saying a lot of her voice, because my heart could say a lot.

In short, she has an extraordinary talent, be sure to listen to this and her other music!

See also: Buika: The Voice of Freedom. It's an older article, but tells a bit about her personal and creative history. Great quote:

"Hope is for people who wait. And I don't want to wait no more. I'm not scared anymore. I'm not scared of myself. Of my things. Of my fear. Of absolutely nothing. And that's music."
21 June 2018 @ 01:16 pm
Back in February, I posted that I wished it was possible to watch the Apparatjik performance at Roskilde again somewhere online. If only I had searched on YouTube more thoroughly before posting that, I would have found THIS AWESOMENESS, which had been uploaded only a few weeks before:

Currently slightly less bummed about missing the show in Tel Aviv today, as I am about to watch a great performance I thought I would never see again :-) Thank you to the music gods for leading me to the clip, and to stefbaz1 for posting it!
20 June 2018 @ 10:49 am
The guys are in Israel, and there are a ton of social media and news posts about it out there. Here is a clip from their press conference at the Sheraton hotel in Tel Aviv:

When I was in middle school there, one of my classmates lived at the Sheraton because her father was a manager of some sort. She'd have sleepovers and we'd run amok around the hotel, as kids are wont to do; sneaking into the kitchen to get dessert, going up and down the elevators, exploring every meeting room and ball room, talking with guests visiting from around the world, lounging by the pool side. We even had a school dance there once. I can imagine it all perfectly, the drive leading up to the entrance, the view of the beach from the rooms facing west and the city to the east, the massive movie poster on the overpass nearby - Back to the Future, Rambo, The Breakfast Club, A View to a Kill were on rotation in 1985 - is the billboard still there? - probably a lot has been renovated in the hotel, and the city skyline must have changed since that time, but in my mind's eye I can see it all. It makes me happy to think of the guys staying in a hotel where I have such fun memories.

Here is another media clip, an interesting interview with the guys for TV: click here.

Magne has posted on Instagram from the Temple Mount: click here. I really hope to see more of Israel through his eyes, and from the rest of the band, crew and their families.

Love this one:

Last year at this time, I was wandering around Alesund alone, marveling at the beauty of Norway but feeling disconnected at times. I was absolutely lucky to be there, but I didn't feel like a part of anything going on. Today I could be living a childhood dream, to be looking forward to seeing my favorite band perform in Israel; I would have stayed with my old friend Miki and her family, I would have visited my school, I would have gone to my home, where I have so many family memories - I would have seen my father everywhere, and probably cried my eyes out a few times as well - and I would have reconnected with myself at a perfect moment in time.

In short, I am trying to be ok with missing this, but it's not working. Still, I am so happy it is happening and that my childhood dream came true, even if I can't be there.
15 June 2018 @ 10:17 am
Spotted this live video clip on Twitter and had to share it - "Magne conducting the Living Daylights choir at the a-ha gig in Cork" click here

And there it is, more definitive proof that I've been pining for the most crushworthy member of a-ha all these years ;-) Seriously adorable.

Sadly, 'This Is Our Home' is no longer in the set list, but I am glad at least some receptive people got to hear it live. With so many shows ahead of them still, it's possible the set list will change again, but probably not by more than one song at a time, and probably not often. I think though that people like to know what to expect, and I am not one of the people who think the band owe it to those who see more than one show to change the set list - the majority of people will only see one show, to change what they play on an ongoing basis just to please the few doesn't make sense to me.

By the way, I recently saw a music blog post on another site that was one in a series about favorite lines of lyrics, and it got me thinking about some older songs in new ways. I have at least 2 or 3 blogs about 'Illuminate The Sky' in mind as a result, hopefully I will have time to get them written soon. 
11 June 2018 @ 08:06 pm
The summer tour is underway, so that means pictures and videos from the road. Here's 'This Is Our Home' from Yeovil - so glad this song is in the summer set list so more people can hear it :-)

20 May 2018 @ 09:59 am
Today Magne had a live Q&A on Facebook. He spent about an hour answering questions about all kinds of things - and it seems there is so much to look forward to from him in the coming year(s) (he mentioned something in 2021 already, so that's quite a pipeline..!).

I am not generally a patient person, but by now I know that in Magne's world good things can't be rushed - and that they are always worth the wait. Waiting for something you know will make you happy is great; anticipation feeds the imagination and makes you reach forward instead of looking backwards, both of which I absolutely need more of in my life. It's when you don't know something good is on the way that waiting is so difficult ;-)

Too much to summarize here, you can catch up by reading the thread here. You know me enough by now to know which answers made me happy, I hope you find things to make you smile, too :-)

p.s. Wearing blue again!

p.p.s. It took some time, but I am now firmly on Team Beard. I know this is an unpopular team to be on, but I can't help it! When I see the beard, I know he's in 'art mode' and/or just doing his own thing.

06 May 2018 @ 08:40 pm
According to an article in Dagsavisen, Magne has a busy rest of the year ahead:

"When I met him earlier this week he mentioned the summer's 40 concerts long tour with A-ha as the "summer job". This year he will have seven exhibitions in Norway, two in the United States and one in London. Plus two exhibition projects with Apparatjik, the super group he works next to A-ha, and exhibition in Cologne. Last week, the news was that he will be a festival artist at the Norwegian Film Festival, in Haugesund's Photo Gallery in August."

With all this in the pipeline, I think it's safe to say he's also had a busy year so far, preparing for all this. Where does he get the energy from? I could use some of that ;-)

Unfortunately I won't get to any more a-ha shows this year, although not from lack of interest or effort. The show I most want to go to is Tel Aviv, of course, but it's very close to my son's high school graduation. We'll have family in town, and already have a lot of plans that week, including his college orientation. Terrible timing, but there's nothing to be done about it - thankfully I am quite used to my heart being in two places at once, and I hope the guys have a really wonderful visit to Israel. Maybe there will be some pictures posted of them seeing the sights, that would be amazing.

Like many of you who are in the US, I'm hoping at least one of those exhibitions will be within a reasonable distance from me. I definitely won't be able to get to Norway or Germany this year, so the only other option is London. My family will be there on vacation in August, and it would be amazing for an exhibition to coincide with our trip.

In any case, if you are one of the lucky ones who will see Magne's works in person this year, I hope you will share pictures on Instagram and tag them so the rest of us can experience them a little, too :-)
13 March 2018 @ 08:38 am
Totally. Wearing. Blue.

And totally, wonderfully, much-needed weird. Loved seeing this in my Twitter feed today :-)

Please say there will soon be ear worms and cheese doodles and mirrored knickknacks in our collective future/past/parallel lives.

27 February 2018 @ 09:01 am
I've come to the realization that this blog has taken itself far too seriously for far too long - time for a little fun :-)

Do you miss Magne A as much as I do? I'm sure he's around, just not visible online anywhere we can see. Perhaps he is hiding?

Perhaps he is drying his hair? (Edit: that's totally Jonas, isn't it? my bad!)

With luck, he's thinking about rocking out with new songs we'll get to hear some day...

The other day I was reminded how epic Roskilde was, I wish I could watch the full show again somewhere online. Magne A and the rest were absolutely brilliant that night.

Apparatjik inTWO Roslo from somehome.org on Vimeo.

Knowing him, he's probably multi-tasking.

I hope that wherever he is, he's smiling, because that thought makes me happy. You don't mind if I post this one again, do you?

Chances are that wherever he is, he's wearing blue. I mean there's like a 85-90% chance the shirt he has on today is blue, amirite? (not a complaint)

Come back, Magne A, you've been gone too long! There is not nearly enough awesome weirdness in my life right now ;-)